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Parent FAQ

Why a New Student Global Connection program?

A NSGC program gives your student the opportunity to make new friends and build a college support system before they even step foot on campus. These programs give students the chance to make life-long friends while taking in breath-taking experiences and earning college credit.

What kind of support is offered during the trip?

This trip is faculty-led, meaning there are 2 WVU faculty members whom oversee the trip. We also have partnered with Campus B, who provides a staff member 24/7 for support.

Is it safe?

The safety and security of our students, staff, and faculty abroad is our highest priority. WVU has taken steps to ensure that your student is safe during their time abroad, and the Office of Global Affairs receives daily travel updates, advisories and warnings from the U.S. State Department about any issues that may affect students who are abroad.  

Faculty have access to a 24-hour emergency phone line with constant access to the University's dedicated international risk manager. WVU has partnered with International SOS to offer international health insurance to all WVU students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad on a university-sanctioned activity. We encourage you to learn more about the policy, its benefits, and its services here.

Where do students stay?

Students will stay in three 3 to 4-star hotels in São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Montevideo; students will be in double rooms, each with their own bed and will be paired while respecting gender identities. 

What are the costs?

$7,500 includes WVU Course, Round-trip Airfare, Lodging, In-country transportation, and Excursions. Students participating in the program can access financial aid, if eligible. Payment is due July 1, 2023.

Do students need to know a foreign language?

No they don't. This NSGC program is taught in English, so learning a new language is not required. Many Education Abroad programs have courses available in English in non-English speaking countries, and a many other programs offer the opportunity to learn a foreign language as part of a students curriculum.

Should my student earn the Global Mountaineer Certificate?

Yes! This program is designed to increase global competency and help prepare students for careers in a modern and globalized workforce. Earning this certificate will give your student an international advantage and set them apart from others in the job market.