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Exchange Partners in The Americas

An exchange program is the most traditional type of international experience. WVU maintains exchange relationships with over 50 partner institutions across the globe. These university partnerships allow us to send and receive students through reciprocal exchange. A reciprocal exchange is where a student pays their Tuition & Fees at their home institution, and they receive the same benefits abroad (depending on the exchange, you may pay for housing and meals abroad or here at WVU). These programs provide transfer credit from the partner institution.

University of Guanajuato, Mexico

Universidad de Guanajuato, with a tradition of more than 260 years in public education, has distinguished itself for its quality of teaching. It is a major research institution focused on increasing preserving and sharing knowledge that contributes not only to their students’ personal development, but also to a democratic, just and free society. The university is ranked among the top 100 universities in Latin America, and among the top 20 universities in Mexico.

Universidad de Guanajuato is located in the capital of Mexico’s Guanajuato state. Nestled in a valley, the charming city of Guanajuato features narrow, winding streets, colonial-era plazas and beautiful architecture, including the central Basilica Colegiata de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato. Due to its cultural and historic significance, Guanajuato has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

International Office Website

University of Guanajuato: Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube

Watch their Powerpoint Presentation from the Ed Abroad Fair here.

San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru

The USIL Competence-Based Education Model entails five fundamental principles in order to guarantee educational quality. A learning geared toward acquiring competences centered on the students as the focus of an integrated curricular design that comprises new teaching methodologies, new forms of assessment and a new role for educators that places priority on excellence and the development of a culture of assessment, innovation and continuous improvement.

In addition, this model places emphasis on shaping bilingual entrepreneurs with a business perspective, providing a solid foundation of social responsibility, as well as ethical and moral principles, for the purpose of generating and executing creative, productive, technical and social projects that contribute to the country’s sustainable development. In order to achieve that, we offer 270 strategic alliances with academic institutions throughout the world that that contribute to the international development of our students.

San Ignacio de Loyola Website

Insper, Brazil

Insper is a globally-ranked and one of the most prestigious school of business, economics, and engineering in Latin America, located in São Paulo, Brazil. Insper was founded in São Paulo in 1987 as a branch of Ibmec, another Brazilian business school, which was itself initially founded in Rio de Janeiro in mid 1980s.

Insper, Brazil Website

Mount Royal University, Canada

We provide future-focused programs in small classes led by great professors. Degree programs in the arts and sciences, health, education, communications and business offers a lot of variety. We also offer diplomas in aviation and social work, and alternative entrance programs for students who may be missing admission requirements or who want to explore their academic options.

Mount Royal University Website
Facebook Page

Mount Royal University

Adventure WV

Adventure WV began as a small Outdoor Orientation Program for incoming WVU first-year students. We have since expanded our offerings to include an Outdoor Recreation Center, Climbing Wall, Outdoor Education Center, Challenge Course, Zip Canopy Tour, International Study Abroad Programs, Leadership Training opportunities, and many other Outdoor and Experiential Education programs.

Our initial vision to provide wilderness-based college orientation programs for first-year students has developed in to a more comprehensive charge of developing adventure education programming for students of all levels, supporting adjustment to college life, retention, and career success by assisting student development in self knowledge, team work, and leadership skills.