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Education Abroad Policies

1. Education Abroad:

‘Education Abroad’ refers to coursework taken abroad as part of a program approved through the Office of Global Affairs. These programs are arranged either by direct partnerships with international colleges and universities or through arrangements with approved third-party providers.

Students wishing to participate in education abroad programs are required to work with both the Office of Global Affairs and their academic advisor. This process enables students to determine the feasibility of their intended program and its impact on their plan of study. Credits earned at partner institutions during education abroad do not count against the credit limits for coursework taken out of residence.

Students considering an education abroad opportunity should confirm that any aid and scholarships they currently receive can be applied towards their planned program. They should also ensure that transferring credits from abroad will not prevent them from fulfilling aid or scholarship renewal requirements.

2. Transient Credit Taken Abroad:

Credit earned abroad falls under the same policies and requirements of transient credit with the additional requirement that coursework taken abroad must have prior approval from the Office of Global Affairs. However, international students taking credits in their home country during planned university breaks can do so at an accredited institution without prior approval from OGA. These students must still follow the process and limitations described for domestic transient credit.

3. Appeal Process for Education Abroad Transient Credits:

The following procedures are available for students wishing to appeal transient credit received from their participation in coursework through an approved Education Abroad program:

Student appealing grade received for coursework taken abroad must be appealed through the host institution issuing the grade.

Student appealing the conversion of grade received abroad into the WVU letter grade system can email with supporting documentation to be reviewed by the Provost’s Office. Recommended documentation includes course syllabi and grading scale conversion recommendations from host institution.

Student appealing the number of WVU credit hours received from courses taken abroad can email with supporting documentation to be reviewed by the Office of the University Registrar. Supporting documentation should include the number of course contact hours from host institution.

Student appealing to receive Pass/Fail credit, removal of letter grades. This will be considered for extenuating circumstances only. Students can email with supporting documentation to be reviewed by the Provost’s Office. Supporting documentation should include written statement from student regarding rational for request. Students should talk to their academic advisors regarding the implications of P/F on degree progression.

4. Non-Sanctioned Study Abroad Programs:

If a student chooses to participate in a study abroad program with a non-approved institution, they must file an “Appeal to Participate in a Non-WVU Program” for approval at least four (4) months in advance of travel. The Office of Global Affairs will review the program for higher education accreditation and health and safety concerns. If the appeal to participate in a non-sanctioned study abroad program is not approved, OGA will provide justification for the denial. If a provider does not have proper accreditation, then WVU cannot articulate any of the credits earned at that institution. If the appeal is denied due to health and safety concerns, the students must work with the Office of Global Affairs to find alternative programming. If the program is approved, the student is responsible for finalizing all arrangements and payments with the program provider directly and must complete the transient form prior to departure. Program support from WVU and OGA may be limited during programs without direct affiliation to WVU. The student is responsible for having all transcript documentation sent to International Admissions upon completion of the program.

If an appeal is not filed or a student participates in a program after their appeal is denied, credits will not be articulated at WVU and will not count towards degree progression. The student will not be considered enrolled at WVU during their participation in an unapproved non-sanctioned study abroad program.