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Ryan North

So new country, new areas, no map, and we have no idea where we are or where we we’re going. Yup LET’S GO! I love the feeling of being lost, finding random stuff along the way, and just figuring stuff out. No plans, just go! Well, technically our plan was to get lost in Rome. You just seem to find all the best stuff that way. Of course, we went to the touristy stuff like the Pantheon and the Coliseum, but they didn’t seem as important to us. I mean they’re important culturally, but there’s a superficial feeling around them. They just don’t give off the authentic Italian culture, but the smaller shops and restaurants do. They provide a more immersive feeling, like you’re part of their culture. We eventually stumble upon this little hole in the wall. Not sure whose idea is was, but we were starving at that point and any place will do at that point. We couldn’t have picked a better place!

There’s an indescribable taste difference when you get a pizza margherita from touristy place and from a local shop. The atmosphere is much more welcoming even though it isn’t as nice. There’s just something about it. Maybe it’s the older art pieces or the architecture, or maybe it’s the worn table cloths. Then there’s the waiters and the people who work in the small shop. They are much friendlier and care about you, to the point where it’s no longer serving a customer, it’s welcoming a family member.

Being abroad in Rome, has showed me a different take on the world; a world not seen through an American’s eyes. It wasn’t just an Italian take on the world, it was a multicultural view of the world. While in Italy, I met and lived with people from completely different cultures -- being immersed in it was overwhelming and exciting at the same time! It’s definitely something that Morgantown could never give me and I would definitely recommend to anyone. Go out there and see the world!