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Brittany Nelson

Bahrain was the perfect choice to explore over my spring break because it is such a unique place that provided me with an amazing opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and experience a place that was completely new and different. The fact that I had never experienced a place quite like Bahrain before made me even more intrigued and excited to explore it. 

I wanted to destroy the stereotypes that people believed about Bahrain and show the truth about Bahrain and its culture. At first, I didn’t know what to expect since Bahrain’s culture and norms are much more diverse than what I'm accustomed to, which provided a challenge in preparing for the trip. Since I had never experienced such a unique place before I had no idea what or how to pack. I didn’t set any expectations or believe any of the stereotypes either. I wanted to experience it with an open mind, which made the experience a thousand times more enjoyable.

                                  Group photo

Reflecting back on my spring break to Bahrain, I made so many great memories and experienced so many new things, like new foods and learning about their culture. One of my favorite experiences was visiting the Bab Al Bahrain Souq. I thought it was interesting especially since we don’t have bargain places like that in America and the fact that I was able to complete a bargain on my own enhanced this experience. I loved visiting the Al Fateh Mosque as well. I have never visited a Mosque before, so it was interesting to learn about their religion in an up close and in-depth environment. The Royal Camel Farm was another favorite experience since we don’t get to see, touch, or interact with an abundance of camels in the U.S. It was interesting to see and learn how farms operate in Bahrain.

I had a great time visiting Marassi Beach because not only was the beach beautiful, but it was nice to relax and learn more about our friends made at the Royal University For Women. However, my favorite part of the whole trip was making life-long friends with Sharifa, Houria, Hend, Lana, and the rest of the RUW girls. Meeting and spending time with these girls made the trip better than I ever expected and I’ll cherish the memories we made there forever. As a result of this trip, I fell in love with Bahrain, the culture, gorgeous landscapes and geography, and the people.



Every time I tell people that I want to return to Bahrain, they always ask why. It pains me to hear this question as I found Bahrain to be the place that blows your mind from its beautiful sites, to the hospitality of the people, and everything in between. It was amazing to finally experience the Middle East and be able to tell people that they are completely wrong about the stereotypes of not only Bahrain but of the Middle East in general. I concede that some parts of the Middle East might be dangerous, but you can’t judge a whole book by just one page. I believe that everyone should step out of their comfort zone to visit at least once in their lifetime. Bahrain changed my outlook not only on the Middle East, but on life and the many places there are to explore in this great world.

Bahrain was such a rewarding experience and taught me the importance of stepping outside of my comfort zone, trying new things, meeting new people, and exploring new areas of the world. Visiting Bahrain made me a better and more open-minded person and I’ll forever remember and cherish those life-changing experiences and memories.