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How Will I Pay?

Can I Afford to Study Abroad:

Many people believe that a study abroad experience is too expensive and this is simply not the case – with many different options, study abroad is extremely affordable and available to students of any financial means. 

With all study abroad programs, Education Abroad is able to work with financial aid to adjust your cost of attendance, often making more grant and loan funding available. Its possible to receive assistance with all costs associated with your study abroad, from plane tickets to passports.

 WVU Exchange Programs:

Students participating in a WVU exchange program pay their tuition and fees to WVU, and in exchange receive benefits at a partner institution.  Almost all of your loans, grants, and scholarships will be available for you to apply to your study abroad, including the PROMISE scholarship.

 Faculty-Led Programs:

Faculty-led programs are also payable with financial aid. Working with your study abroad advisor, the costs of your program can be included in your annual cost of attendance.

 Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad in specific locations where WVU may not have an exchange partner, or a short-term program. These are usually companies that are FOR PROFIT, and often come at a higher cost. Financial Aid will still apply, but by working with a Study Abroad advisor, you may find a solution that allows you to study in your dream location with much less financial burden. 

ISEP Exchange and Direct:

ISEP is similar to an affiliate, but is a nonprofit consortium of which WVU is a member.  ISEP offers an exchange options, allowing students the same felxiblity of a WVU exchange, but with a small, additional, placement fee. ISEP Direct allows students to direct enroll in a plethora of different universities around the world, teaching in many different languages, including English, and offering programs with hundred of different universities.